Many people in Cornell, Markham skip meals on a regular basis. Often, when someone skips a meal the meal that is skipped is breakfast despite the fact that almost everyone knows that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." If skipping breakfast is such a bad idea why do so many people do it on such a regular basis? Likely because they don't understand why skipping breakfast is an unhealthy choice to make.

One of the reasons that many people choose to skip breakfast is because they think that it will help them to lose weight. Perhaps your online marriage counseling sessions have inspired you to lose weight and you think that skipping a meal will help. If you have decided to skip a meal breakfast seems like the logical choice to most people. Unfortunately, skipping meals does not help you lose weight.

Another reason that people might choose to skip a meal, particularly breakfast is because they are busy and feel a need to save time. Perhaps you are trying to sell your Scarborough home and you simply can't find the time to prepare a proper breakfast. This is a common motivator for people to skip a meal. This is not a good idea though. You should have easy breakfast options on hand, such as bagels and breakfast cereal, so that you can always grab something quickly before you start your day.

One of the reasons that it is not a good idea to skip breakfast is because when you eat breakfast it is a signal to your body that it is time to jumpstart your metabolism. You may have a strong metabolism from all your activity at the fitness centre in Scarborough but when you sleep your metabolism slows down because your body isn't active. Eating breakfast when you wake up signals to your body that it is time to start working hard again. If you don't eat breakfast your metabolism will remain sluggish longer and you won't be burning all of the calories that you could be. This is especially important if you exercise in the morning.

Another reason that you should avoid skipping breakfast, especially if weight loss is your goal, is that skipping breakfast can actually cause you to eat more calories over the course of a day. If your deprive your body you will begin to crave high calorie foods in larger quantities than you would normally consume. This means that you will likely eat a much larger lunch or you will take a break from your job doing photography in Ottawa in order to have a high calorie snack that you would not have needed if you had eaten a healthy breakfast.

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