To be as healthy as possible you need to exercise. That's true of your muscles and can also be true of your organs. To exercise your heart you might spend an hour running on a treadmill. To do the same for your brain you could spend some time trying out some brain teasers. These are games and puzzles meant to work your cognitive function, which is a person's ability to process different thoughts. There are many different types of brain teasers that you can try while you're relaxing in your unit in luxury condos downtown Toronto or on lunch from work. Some are visual and use patterns or images while others will make use of numbers or words.

When thinking about developing cognitive function in children you should start at an early age. Children as young as two can be playing games and doing small brain teasers that will help them improve their cognitive skills. For toddlers, you can teach them how to play with a toy and then see if they can do it on their own while you're occupied on the phone or managing your inverse ETFs. Once they reach the age where they know numbers and colors there are all sorts of games available online to help them put together sequences and pick out details. You can even turn watching television into a brain teaser by asking questions about what they just watched after the program is over.

Once children are a little older than the family computer can become a great learning tool. They will likely be eager to play video games and by getting them to play brain teasers that will stimulate their mind you won't feel like they're killing brain cells. This might even give you some quiet time while you're researching Toronto mortgages for your next home or trying to make dinner. There are many games out there where the objective is to do everything from complete logic puzzles to find objects and use them to solve riddles. All of these would count as kinds of brain teasers.

When we are students in high school or university we don't have to think of ways to exercise our brains on a daily basis. And not everyone has a job like contracting house plans where you're constantly using your problem solving skills. One of the ways that you can keep or even improve your cognitive function as an adult is by spending some time trying to figure out more complex brain teasers. Doing the crossword or sudoku puzzle in the daily paper after working as a new home builder London Ontario based or within an office is a great place to start. There are also lots of free game sites online that feature brain puzzles.

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