Many people find math dull, boring and difficult and would rather do just about anything else. The reality, however, is that math is extremely important. Math is a valuable skill that is required for a variety of careers in today's job market, from food services to running your own construction business. To get an idea of the careers that involve math it is worth looking at just a few.

If you want to work as a telephone service technician you will need to have a good understanding of math. Whether you are installing traditional landlines or telephones, you will need to have a solid understanding of math to complete the task. Other types of technicians and repair people, such as cable and satellite technicians also need to understand math to perform their jobs.

Any job in the financial services industry will require a good amount of mathematical knowledge. accountants in Halifax, financial advisers in Vancouver and mortgage brokers in Toronto all need to be able to crunch numbers in their daily activities. Although the calculations that they perform are often very difficult, most of them are rooted in fairly basic arithmetic.

Many teachers need to have a solid understanding of math even if they are not a math teacher. For instance an economics professor, a chemistry teacher and even someone leading tutorials will all need to have a solid understanding of math to do their job. Anyone who wants to be a teacher will benefit, therefore, by having a good background in math.

Any type of medical practitioner needs to have a god knowledge of math. Whether a doctor is a surgery specialist, a general practitioner, or a Montreal podiatrist, a doctor must understand enough math to deal with matters such as proper medicine doses, reading medical test results and calculating blood pressure. Its not just medical doctors who need to know math. Dentists, pharmacists and nurses all use math in their day to day work.

Even some of the simpler jobs available require math. For example someone operating a taxi needs to be able to calculate the fare and to give correct change to passengers. A restaurant server needs to be able to calculate bills for patrons and may need to know how to properly split tips with other staff members. There really are very few jobs that do not require a basic level of math.

It is apparent that math is extremely important for anyone who wants to have a successful career. Even if math may seem boring or difficult, it is worth spending the time to gain skills in math because it opens up many career opportunities. Math skills are needed no matter what type of work you expect to do for a career.

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